About me

Since my first video game console, at the age of 6, I always loved this universe that is going beyond imagination. Raised with Role-Playing, Action and Adventure Games that I played during my childhood, I discovered, some years later, with my friend Dinen, World Of Warcraft. That's when I started learning computer science.

The need to learn how to create things

I first started to learn C/C++ programing by myself on "le Site Du Zéro", despite the complexity of some of this language's specifics like memory allocation.

In 2008, I'm interested in website integration with HTML/CSS, I learned it, still by myself, motivated by DinenProduction website creation for my friend Dinen who wish to start creating videos.

Then, I decided to make it more dynamical, by learning PHP and Javascript. Sadly, with not enough money to pay server's renting, I had to close the website.

Motivation to become a professional

It's during my final year at school that I chose to be a professional computer scientist and apply to l'IUT de Bordeaux, in order to improve my technical, but most of all, theoretical skills. During my studies, I made a lot of internship who allowed me to discover more advanced technologies (JQuery, Ruby On Rail, Django), but also increase my knowledge in algorithms, project management and agile processes.

After my graduation, I decided to continue with a third year of development studies to learn even more. My goal: be able to create a video game, an idea I thought about since a long time and which seem more and more possible to me as I improve myself. I then start a MIAGE master's degree thinking that creating and selling something are two differents things, but I realized that business computing is very interesting but isn't for me and took the decision to start my project rather than losing time doing nothing.

Wasn't myself a big Java fan at this time, I still learned Android game development, via Kilobolt's tutorial. Even if this tutorial was beginner-oriented, I succeed in adapt it to my own needs with the help of my skills and expertise.

Concretisation of my projects

First named "Android Space Game" during the first development stages to become "NeoSpaceShooter" after all, this project undergone numerous refinements, increasing his development time days after days, hopefully under control due to agile processes in order to create a high quality game fitting my expectations, and, I hope, those of my future players.

In September 2014, my project is nearly over, but is progression slow down because I started working as a Zend Framework 2 developper. Leaving me only evening and week-ends to work on my own projects.

My game is now over. I decided, in addition to my job, to create my own company, continue to improve myself by learning a multi-platform technology and create my website, in order to be able to share my game with as many people as possible, and maybe, one day, be able to live of it.