NeoSpaceShooter is a classic space shooter with an unique gameplay. Kill powerfulls bosses, steal their powers, gain xp and upgrade your ship !

A spaceship that fit you :

The thing that make this space shooter special is the freedom for the spaceship upgrades :

Kill enemies, earn XP points !
Each defeated enemy give you XP points, when leveling up, you win competence points and spaceship points.
A total freedom in spaceship's improvements
You want to increase full power, full mana, or an average for both of them ? no problems ! it's YOUR spaceship.
Choose 5 skills between 15 unlockable overpowered skills !
Kill bosses to gain their skills, then spend your competence points to upgrade them ! Each boss have its own unique skill. :
  • Regeneration
  • Resurection
  • Shield
  • Shockwave
  • A black hole, A FUCKING BLACK HOLE !

A game with everything you could want :

A very cheap scenario
The game's scenario was fully written with feets of south Sri Lankan hermits.
3 levels of difficulty
From easy to heroic, even the worst players have a chance.
A social game
Challenge your friends and share your score online !
The indispensable tool of procrastination
This game is perfect to distract you at work or school ! Don't hesitate and join the game, it's FREE !